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“I was leaving for work at 5:30 am and my gate would not open. I kept hitting the button and it started to make a weird noise. I called OC Gates and they told me to sit tight and not do anything more. The gate repair guy arrived within the hour. A branch had gotten wedged in the track. The guy explained that I could have ruined the motor by repeatedly trying to open the gate. He charged me a general service call rate. I thought that was reasonable. He let me know that it’s important to check the track from time to time to make sure it is clear of branches or other objects.  It was not as bad as it could have been. I would call them again.”

– Charles, Newport Beach



“My husband and I bought a new home in Costa Mesa. It definitely needed some work on the outside. We have three dogs and a toddler so a new gate and fence were very important to us. I wasn’t sure what I wanted or how to select the right one for our needs. I called OC Gates and they sent Keith, a gate installation professional. He was amazing and helped me with every detail. He went over all the types of gates and we decided that a sliding gate would be best for our property. He also helped us choose the proper motor and gate opener. The installation went very smoothly and our gate looks beautiful. I would recommend them and highly recommend asking for Keith.”

– Jill Thomas, Costa Mesa, CA



“I started having trouble with my gate not always opening at the same speed and sometimes having to push the button over and over again. The button would constantly jam and I found myself continually having to find unique and interesting ways to push the button and keep it pressed down in order to let company or business clients into my home. I allowed this to go on for just a few more days before being far too annoyed to let this carry one. Finally, I called OC GATES. They arrived so fast I was notably surprised, within the hour. When our service man arrived, he determined it was an issue with the spring trigger behind the button, making me feel like a total moron for continually pressing the button and mashing it in. When he replaced it, I was surprised when he tipped his hat and and told me “No charge”.” – John, Laguna Niguel



“I was at work when I got the call from my teenage daughter that our gate wouldn’t open. The only way into our house is first through the gate. I called OC Gates and they were there in half an hour. I was so surprised. It turns out that it was simply the battery in her gate opener. I felt terrible and offered to pay whatever the fee would be for a regular service call. The guy refused to charge me, which I could not believe. I now have them in my phone and will use them from now on for any gate issue.” – Sylvia, Orange County



“My husband leased me a new Mercedes ML. I managed to ram it into my gate in the first week. I was in a hurry and forgot something so I tried to back into my driveway and hit the gate hard. It somehow got stuck on my hatch. I was in a panic. I tried to pull forward a little and it wouldn’t budge. I called my husband and he called OC Gates. He called me back and said not to attempt to move the car and to wait for the repairman to show up. I felt so bad about the gate and the car. The guy arrived in less than an hour. I was still in a panic at this point because it was a new car. I wish I could remember his name but the gate repair guy was great. He explained that the handle to the hatch had just gotten stuck on the gate. He was able to free it. The gate was not broken or harmed. There was quite a mark on my new car but overall it could have been much worse. My rushing around did me in but it was taken care of very quickly by OC Gates. I felt like an idiot but that is another story.” – Mika, Orange County



“I hired OC Gates to install a sliding gate at my new home. Many of my neighbors had beautiful gates and I loved the privacy and the look of them. I asked a few people who did their gate and I kept hearing OC Gates so I called them. I thought they were very helpful in the selection of my gate and in explaining everything to me. It was a very fast installation and good clean up afterwards as well.

I feel good knowing if I have any issues that OC Gates does gate repair as well. They gave me a list of things to look out for such as debris and branches near or on the track. They also scheduled me for my yearly gate check. It was impressed upon me that I do this annually, which seems like a good plan. Overall I had a great experience and I feel like they are there if I need anything.” – Diana,Irvine, CA


“My driveway gate repair was quickly resolved within an hour by OC Gates! Their technician came out and solved the problem right away! It made my wife super happy and she was even happier about the price! OC Gates is a trusted gate repair service in Orange County and the surrounding areas.”

David, Anaheim Hills resident



“When making any visual upgrades on the exterior of a home, I always consider what other benefits I can gain from these changes. I’m not really into aesthetics, so I like to consider all the practicalities and logical reasons behind making appearance changes to my home. Houses are investments, whether we plan to use them as one or whether we just plan to live in them. So when I make changes, like adding a gate to the front of my property, I want to consider more than just how it will look. With a gate, I can add value, security and visual appeal to my property. Because I had so many logical reasons to support this upgrade, I decided to go ahead and invest the money and get myself a decorative and secure front gate.

I hired OC Gates to complete this upgrade for me, and they were spectacular. I told them my budget and they never tried to push me over, which is a trait I can really appreciate in a salesperson and a business. Their amazing customer service is eventually what convinced me to use them as my company, but their products were also a great buy. They had so many different styles of gates, I never felt limited while looking through their selection. They carry gates that swing, slide and roll open. Plus, I got to see some iron gates compared to wood gates, which helped me decide which one I wanted for my property.

The price was right, the installation was quick, and the people there were extremely friendly. They even offered a warranty program, which surprised me because many of the other companies in the area didn’t have one with the kind of coverage that OC Gates did. They are an excellent company that produces excellent work.”

Victoria, Los Angeles resident