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Malfunctioning Gate Troubleshoot

Malfunctioning- Troubleshooting

OC Gates is a reliable licensed, insured and bonded gate company, We do same day service and you can call us 24/7. We have a fast response time and experienced gate repair specialists. Our technicians are proficient in all types of gates. We have the latest tools and can handle all repairs and gate malfunctions. We service Orange County areas such as Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Newport Coast and Irvine to name a few.

Tips to troubleshooting gate malfunction

  1. Power supply – Make sure the mechanism and isolation are switched on
  2. Peripheral equipment – Check intercom and keypad and make sure that the lights are on. Push all buttons to see if there is a beep or sound.
  3. Assess Gate Activation – Check to see that your transmitter is in working order. Your battery could be flat.
  4. Stuck in open position – Wave your hand in front of one of the photocells to see if that fixes the problem. Sometimes it is just that simple when it gets stuck in the open position.
  5. Check motors – If one or both motors are not in working order call a gate repair specialist for this gate malfunction
  6. Check track – Make sure track is clear or branches or debris. This is a common issue that causes malfunction. It is wise to regularly check the track to make sure it is clean. This could save you a repair and time and money.
  7. Control panel – Check inside to see if any insects, spiders or moisture has gotten inside causing a malfunction to your gate.
  8. Try not to ram the gate with your car – Many people hit their gate each year with their car. This can cause serious damage to your gate and cost you in gate repair not to mention the car.
  9. Keep kids away from gate – Automatic gates are not toys or jungle gyms for children. It cannot only mess up your gate but is dangerous for children to climb on moving machinery.
  10. Hire a reputable gate company – The installation is very important. If a gate or motor or any parts are not properly installed this could cause you many problems down the road. Gate installation is a crucial aspect of troubleshooting gate malfunctions.

Orange County has enviable weather conditions as most people know but there can still be rain and heavy moisture at times so it is important to do a yearly service to check that all parts are in working order and that no moisture is affecting the system. For commercial properties it is recommended that you do a service twice per year. A large part of trouble shooting malfunctioning gates is proper installation and scheduled service. Don’t skimp on these two things. You will be sorry later. If you are going to install a gate hire a company with many great references installing your type of gate. When you find that great gate company schedule your yearly service with them. Set a date and be done with it. For commercial property, pick once early in the year, and once at the end of each year for a routine service. This is the best advice you will receive to troubleshoot gate malfunctions. If you take this advice you will be in good shape and not encounter gate malfunctions. If you neglect working machinery it will eventually break down or malfunction. This is just what happens with machines.
They need to be maintained and serviced and electric gates are no exception.

You will have a good experience with your automatic gates if you have them installed correctly, have them serviced and check for small problems on your own such as debris or branches interfering. You also need to open the control panel from time to time to look for bugs. If you follow all these steps and tips you will have a much better experience. You will have a beautiful gate in great working order and not many instances of gate malfunction. It is up to you to some degree but you will need professionals to ensure the gate installation is right and to service your gate. The rest is up to you and your care of your automatic gate.