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Orange County – Gate Repair & New Gate Installation

new-gate-installation-gate-repairOrange County is one of the most beautiful city in California.

OC GATES has been serving Orange County for gate repair and new gate installation. Licensed, bonded and insured company. We have the latest equipment and on-site, same day service. We are proficient with all types of gates such as swinging gates, overhead gates and sliding gates. We are reliable and available 24/7 for gate installation and repair.


Orange County is known for it’s gated communities. When you drive around this area you will notice this right away. In today’s world it is important to protect yourself and your family. Living in a secure gated community has advantages. Beyond that people still have their own gates and fences within the gated community. For some people it is the privacy and for others it’s the added protection. Some people simply love the book of a big ornate gate as the entrance to their property. They do look nice and impressive and in many cases increase the value of the home. It is the first thing people see when visiting or when you go to sell your home.

There are many choices and you can match your gate to your style of home and also to the neighborhood in which it exists. You must also consider the best gate for your property as far as functionality goes. A gate installation expert can help you to determine this and decide on the best gate.

Orange County doesn’t have extreme weather conditions but there are some things to consider. For instance the sun beats down on your gate most days. There is some moisture as you are close to the ocean. You will want to choose a gate that can weather these things well. You can also maintain your gate and protect it from these conditions.

automatic-gate-installation-orange-countyThere is a lot of wealth in Orange County. The median income overall in the US is around $50.000 however in the OC it is around $75,000. It is home to many millionaires and impressive homes. It is an area of status and wealth. You could say that many people in Orange County lived a charmed life.  Along with that wealth and status comes protection and preserving what you have built. In that regard it makes sense why Orange county cities have such a lifestyle and penchant for high security gates. The more you have, the more you must protect what you have and have worked hard to earn and acquire.

It is important to hire a licensed and bonded gate company. Ideally you hire a company in business for many years and reputable with references. It is suggested because then when repairs come up you can use the same company. You will not have to worry about future incidents and wondering which company to call. You will simply ring the company who installed your gate and they will know exactly what to do. Ask your neighbors and friends which company they used to install their gate.

gate-replacement-irvineWhen considering a company ask for references specific to what you are having done at your home. The best company for you is one that has installed or repaired exactly what you have in mind. Nothing compares to experience and years of doing quality work. Take your time and hire the best. You will have this gate or gates for years to come. If your gate is installed properly and with precision you will benefit from that. There will be minimal repairs and less hassle. If you can call on the same company for help when there is an issue that is convenience. We are all so busy that saving time dealing with mishaps or broken equipment is money. Doing it right in the beginning will save you time, money and your sanity. No one wants to be sitting around waiting for a random gate company at 6 am and wondering if they will even be able to repair the issue. Knowing the company and their excellence is peace of mind and worth a lot. Let’s be real, even with perfect gate installation, a problem can arise and need attention. Electronics do break, equipment fails and weather does come into play. Debris, insects or even animals can mess with equipment that is outdoors and subject to the elements. Be prepared ahead and you’ll benefit.