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Importance of Functioning Safety Devices in Automatic Driveway Gates

We all know that gates offer an extended level of security, but there are actually safety devices working inside the system. In all automated security gates there are different safety devices. Typically there are two devices (depending on the model) that provide a response to the gate opener to keep it from injuring people and destruction. A correctly working safety device can not only prevent damage, but it can also prevent injuries. That is why testing and keeping your gate opener’s safety devices in working order is extremely important. Below are some simple ways you can test your security gate opener’s safety devices.

Photo Eye

A photo eye works by scanning the area in the path of the security gate to make sure nothing is blocking the way. You can make sure the photo eye is working by simply blocking the photo eye as the gate is closing. You can put any object in the path of the photo eye. Try to close the gate next, and if the photo eye can sense the object then it will not close. If the gate does in fact close when there is an object in it’s path, then you know your photo eye is not functioning properly.

Detector Loops

First, locate the vehicle detector loop by looking for sensors embedded into the pavement or asphalt in front of the gate. Next, park a vehicle on the detector loop sensors and attempt to close it. Be cautious when administering this test, because if your vehicle detector loops are broken, the gate will close and your vehicle could be at risk of getting damaged. We suggest having someone sit in the vehicle in case they need to move it right away.

Hit a Small Object

Today’s modern security gates have options that allow them to sense when an object is hit. Allow the gate to hit an object you put in its path. If the gate touches the object and is working properly, it should reverse its closing action as to not hit or crush the object. If the gate continues to close when an object is put in its path, then the sensor may be broke or may have gone bad.

If your gate fails any of the above tests, we recommend you get an expert out to help repair the issue immediately. For your safety and those around you, please test your gate’s safety devices frequently. OC Gates is available to assist with any maintenance or gate repairs you might need.

Driveway Gate Openers & Features

New Gate Installation Experts Costa MesaOne of the main reasons homeowners chose to install a driveway gate opener is for the convenience, and security. Having a garage door usually makes individuals feel a little safer. An automatic gate typically comes with a keypad and an opener. Each opener comes with a certain box that is installed near the garage or gate it is synced up to. The keypad typically is programmed with a four digit code which allows you to open the door from it. Most come with two gate (or garage) remotes that open it, adding to the convenience of the gate, or garage.

Installing an automatic gate and opener also increases the value of your home. Here are a few of its features below:

  • Easy sliding or swing motion gate all at the touch of your remote button or keypad entry
  • Automatic driveway gates feature anti-crushing and infra-red beam protectors. They are built with sensors that prevent the door from closing on a person or item that might be under the door when it is closing.
  • Most automatic garage door or gate door openers feature setting that allow you to only open the gate part-way if someone needs to slip in or out real quick!
  • There is typically a button near the door in the garage that leads to your house where you can simply touch that to open it if the driver outside forgot his or her remote and doesn’t want to get out to enter the code on the keypad.
  • Many automated driveway gate operators come with backup batteries, and some even have solar panels. This means that if there is a power failure, your driveway gate will still be able to function normally.

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How Automatic Gate Installation Can Help Secure Your Home

Electric gates are one of the best ways to secure your home, and automatic gates can be installed for nearly any size property. A well-installed security gate is the first level of home safety. As we all know, crimes on residential property and home invasion are a problem in the Orange County area and a security gate will improve the safety of your home and family. Orange County Garage Doors and Gates takes your family’s safety seriously when we install any new electronic security gate.

An electronic gate installation places a barrier between your home and the world around you. It gives you peace of mind when you are away from home or not at home with your family. Criminals want to get as much as they can in the shortest amount of time and, of course, they can’t gain easy or quick access to your property if you have a properly installed security gate. Also, a gate will protect your children and pets when they want to play outside.

Orange County Garage Doors and Gates offer two ways to enter your home through your gate safely. You may use an automatic gate opener that senses when your vehicle enters the gate area. You may also opt for a card-entry system which allows only those with a card to enter. Another security feature is called “Photo Eyes” which works as an infrared sensor that will close or stop a gate from opening when necessary.

There are several different materials your gate can be made of, but wrought iron provides the strongest and most secure material for your security or driveway gate. A wrought iron gate doesn’t only provide security, it can also be customized to match your personal style.

An electronic security gate does add value to your property. Not only does it provide a look of beauty and distinction, the added safety factor is appealing to a potential home buyer.

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Electric Gate Openers & Why They Are Useful

What is an electric gate opener?

An electric gate opener features a mechanized arm that opens and closes an automatic gate. You typically have a remote control or keypad that sends a signal to the motor telling it to open or close. The nice thing about an electric gate is the safety feature. If there is an obstacle in the way, the gate will automatically reverse directions so it does not smash whatever is blocking its passage.

Here are some features of electric gate openers:

  • They automatically open and close the gate
  • The can be installed for swing gates and sliding gates
  • They operate from electric or solar power
  • In order to work correctly, they must fit the size of the gate

Gate Reapir Services Newport CoastAn electric gate opener works much like your standard garage door opener. When you push the hand-held transmitter or remote, a signal is sent to the receiver box, which is mounted somewhere near the gate. The receiver carries the message to the control box that activates a circuit to start movement in the gate opener arm. The arm is the part that literally swings or slides gate open and closed. Some gates feature a mode where you can program the gate to automatically close after a certain amount of time has passed.

Electric gate openers are made to operate with various swing gates and sliding gates. Each opener has a power rating the correlates to the exact size and weight of each gate. If you already have a gate installed and you want an electric gate opener, you will first want to be certain that your gate is compatible with an electric gate opener. These types of openers work with most well-made gates, but you first need to be sure that your gate is in good operating condition. A professional gate installation and gate repair company, like OC Gates, can help you decide if your gate will function properly with an electric gate opener.