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New Gate Installation and Replacement

Gate Installation & Repair Laguna NiguelReplacing and installing a new gate is something that is done by professionals only. OC Gates will be able to safely and efficiently install your new gate with no complications.

OC Gates can help you pick the right gate for your preferences and needs. The different types of gates are Sliding, Swing, Underground and Articulated. We will be able to evaluate your property and help you chose the proper gate to accommodate your specific needs.

In addition, the correct motor needs to be selected. It should be powerful enough for your chosen gate. We will assist you in all of these decisions to ensure that you have the best operating system for your individual needs. We will also help in selecting the accessories for your new gate, such as gate openers and intercom. There are a lot to choose from and OC Gates is happy to help you in the selection of each part needed for your new gate installation.

Sliding Gates

To have a sliding gate installed, your driveway must be one in which a track can be laid down. Sliding gates can work very well for some properties but there is specific criteria that must be met. Typically, these type of gates are used in residential areas because they require minimal space and look nice.

Sliding gates do require a bit of maintenance and making sure that the track is clean and clear. It is helpful to check that the track is free of any debris and swept with a certain brush. This will help keep your gate from derailing.

Swing Gates

Swing Gates are generally used for businesses or apartments, as they require more space for opening. It is crucial to allow for enough room for the gate to open and not interfere with pedestrians or traffic. Gate swings are desirable because they are virtually maintenance free

Underground Gates

For underground gates, more installation is required, however, when done properly, it will be the most lasting. The details of gate installation with underground gates is very important to keep moisture, debris and insects out of the operation mechanism. Underground gates are a popular system.

Articulated Gates

Articulated gates are needed in cases of overhead power lines and cantilevers that would otherwise obstruct a gate arm in the upright position. Articulated gates fold at one-third the length to decrease the vertical position so the gate does not get hung up. It is important to select the gate that is best suited for your property.