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Identifying When it’s Time to Replace Your Driveway Gate

Gate Repair Services Newport BeachAs much as we would like our electric gates to last forever, there comes a time when gate replacement is absolutely necessary. Just like anything else around the house, driveway gates age and begin to rust and wear. However, there are many important factors and to consider that can increase the likelihood of your automatic gate lasting as long as possible in good working order.

How long an automatic gate lasts is dependent on many things. The number one factor is how much it has been used over the years. Most gate openers are expected to last around 12,000 cycles. This number is based on recently installed contemporary systems. If you use your gate much of the time, you may reach that number within two years.

But, how long should the actual gate last?

Weather and climate are key factors. Depending on what your gate is made from, different materials react differently to weather conditions. In hot, humid climates, wrought iron does not do well. The constant exposure to moisture and humidity will cause oxidation. Wood driveway gates do not perform well in cold conditions. Fluctuations in temperatures makes the the wood warp over time. Metals such as steel and aluminum do well in extreme climates, but usually need more maintenance.

The most important aspect that affects the lifespan of your automatic gate is regular maintenance. Making sure your system is properly lubricated and free of dirt and debris will add years to the life of your automatic gate.

An automatic gate is much more than just a substitute for a manual gate. It will improve your curb appeal and add value to your property. People also find that in convenience and added safety. An automatic gate will, of course, save you time when people come to visit by allowing to open the gate with the touch of a remote. Keeping the moving parts of your gate clean and maintained, will give your years of beauty and ease of mind.

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