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Electric Gate Openers & Why They Are Useful

What is an electric gate opener?

An electric gate opener features a mechanized arm that opens and closes an automatic gate. You typically have a remote control or keypad that sends a signal to the motor telling it to open or close. The nice thing about an electric gate is the safety feature. If there is an obstacle in the way, the gate will automatically reverse directions so it does not smash whatever is blocking its passage.

Here are some features of electric gate openers:

  • They automatically open and close the gate
  • The can be installed for swing gates and sliding gates
  • They operate from electric or solar power
  • In order to work correctly, they must fit the size of the gate

Gate Reapir Services Newport CoastAn electric gate opener works much like your standard garage door opener. When you push the hand-held transmitter or remote, a signal is sent to the receiver box, which is mounted somewhere near the gate. The receiver carries the message to the control box that activates a circuit to start movement in the gate opener arm. The arm is the part that literally swings or slides gate open and closed. Some gates feature a mode where you can program the gate to automatically close after a certain amount of time has passed.

Electric gate openers are made to operate with various swing gates and sliding gates. Each opener has a power rating the correlates to the exact size and weight of each gate. If you already have a gate installed and you want an electric gate opener, you will first want to be certain that your gate is compatible with an electric gate opener. These types of openers work with most well-made gates, but you first need to be sure that your gate is in good operating condition. A professional gate installation and gate repair company, like OC Gates, can help you decide if your gate will function properly with an electric gate opener.